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A New Partner in Mobile Point of Sale Solutions

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Fri, Oct 24, 2014 @ 02:30 PM

It's amazing how fast technology changes the landscape of certain industries. The point of sale world is no different. Smart phones and tablets have been transforming into their own method of commerce. In order to continue to provide our customers with the latest advancements in point of sale solutions, American Metro has partnered with Global Storm POS, an App development company with a background in and passion for point of sale. 


Global Storm has three branches in mobile pos tree, each focusing on a particular sales structure; Grocery, Retail and Restaurant. All three are feature rich, easy to use and look great. The Grocery side runs on a Windows tablet and focuses on robust inventory tracking, extra peripheral support for flatbed scanners, integrated scales and the Merchant Warehouse Genius™ keypad. The Retail/Quick Serve application is iPad based and designed for speed with quick access menus and barcode scanning. The Restaurant app also runs on the Apple platform and combines server tracking, table service, remote printing and custom branding options.

The really exciting thing for us is the customization. With the number of years we have spent in the cash register business, there certain features that consistently remain very useful and things we have wished were available. Other pre-packaged software we have looked at and used have been missing some of those key ingredients. With Global Storm, we are able to put our expertise to good use and become part of the development process. As a result, it strengthens their product and keeps their customers happy. It also means that we get access to a custom software build with features that fits our specialized business model of renting equipment.

The other impressive aspect is the back office suite. Adding or changing items is a snap. The fact that the whole database is stored on the cloud, means updates to each terminal are instantaneous. The same goes with reporting. Through the either a cellular or WiFi connection, sales are recorded and can be accessed in real time from anywhere. 

For more information on the Global Storm suite of apps, or to request a quote, click on the links below.

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