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Online Tee Sheets: When Free Isn't Really Free

Posted by Warren Bailey on Thu, Feb 05, 2015 @ 10:16 AM

As golf courses close all around, the ones that remain must work harder and smarter to make sure they are maximizing all potential income and revenue sources. Many golf courses make the mistake of cutting or slashing payroll, forcing fewer people to do more work, to maintain a level of service previously expected from the golfers who play at your golf facility.

proshop-SMIt’s amazing how many golf courses that are still using cash boxes or cash registers to take in money. Using stand-alone credit card terminals that are so old, they are most likely no longer PCI compliant and now your customer’s data is more susceptible to a breach from hackers.

With the advent of PC-based point of sale systems, the ability to track customer/member information improved, inventory received and sold is more accurate, ringing food and drinks, plus keeping bar tabs became easier, and golf courses had a better way to track revenue.

But along the way, it was pointed out that the main way a golf course receives revenue is tee times. Tee times in the form of green fees and cart (pull or power) fees. A golf course has a fixed number of tee times each day, each week, each month, and each golf season. Barring bad weather and of course, the geographic location of a golf course, each golf facility needs to make as much money as possible by filling those open tee times.

How Do Third-party Online Tee Sheets Work?

With electronic media integrating into the golf world, the 3rd-party online tee sheet company was born. Simply go to a golf course website, pick an open time, enter in your e-mail address, contact information, and your credit card number, and the time is reserved. Easy, right? But did that information go only to the golf course or did the 3rd-party tee sheet company also receive access to that golfer’s information? And what are they doing with that information? Why, sending that golfer e-mails about other golf courses, not yours, that are offering discounted pricing. Or where to purchase merchandise at a lower price than what is offered at your pro shop.

How is this on-line tee sheet software being paid for by the golf course? Well, you only need to provide them with one or two tee times a day that are sold by the 3rd-party company, posted on your tee sheet and their own website, at a discounted price, and the golfer(s) show up with a coupon or printout saying their golf (and cart) are paid. The only chance the golf course has of generating any revenue is to sell food and beverages at the snack bar or the grill. The 3rd-party tee sheet company is likely “giving” golf courses the software in exchange for those one or two times per day.

How Much Does "Free" Cost?

sunrise_golf-SMWell, let’s do some simple math. The average round of golf with cart fee runs $40 per person. The third-party company offers these times at a discounted rate of $25 per person. They fill two time slots with four players each. That means 8 golfers x $25 equals $200 per day.

Suppose your golf season runs about 200 days each year. For reality sake, say 50 of those days are washed out due to weather or maybe the tee-times were not filled. That leaves 150 days where two tee times a day were filled and sold. 150 days x $200 equals $30,000.

Your “FREE” software allowed $30,000 of revenue not going to the club. Oh, and for this “FREE” service, you are being asked to sign a multi-year contract. No wonder a golf course does not have to pay much up front. The really sneaky part is how virtually invisible the whole process is for a golf facility. The golf course does not see money not coming in; they only have a bottom line report of sales. Who sees that revenue in their reports? The 3rd-party tee sheet companies.

And just how good is the point of sale system?  How many buttons and menu screens are needed to ring up a single item? Or a series of items? Ringing through golfers should be as fast as checking out at a Target or Walmart. See how fast they scan products, or touch a button to ring in a non-scannable product? Your pro shop or snack bar should be doing the same speed. Faster rings means more golfers moving through the line.

What is the Alternative?

The other option is to use a golf course managment software with built in tee sheets. The software we use is called AIMsi, but there are others. Using a point of sale software like this allows for a great deal of flexibility.This is because we build customized point of sale programs for your specific facility. All golf courses are similar in many ways, but also very different. Do you sell green fees/cart fees as a combo price? Do you offer multiple prices based on a golfer’s specific membership or patron type? All customer/member data is yours to keep. All your inventory tracking is yours.

How are online tee sheets in golf course software different?

The difference is you set the price for all the tee times and sell those times as you see fit. What the golf facility pays for is the hosting fee for the online tee sheet and the web security from data breaches. Hosting fees start at $6 a day or the price of one pull cart. Adding the ability to book times on a smartphone or tablet means your cost is $10 a day or about half a power cart rental. That means your cost for hosting an online tee sheet, which the golf course controls ALL the times, is roughly 200 days x $10/day or $2000 per golf season. 

What causes golf courses to pause is that the cost is NOT invisible. You are being asked to pay a monthly fee. But again, the bottom line is by controlling the price on all your tee times, the golf course earns all the revenue. The next trick is having a person control marketing those tee times. This is where an updated website, using Facebook, Twitter, and all forms of social media come into play. It costs a golf facility ZERO to market your golf course with social media, and yet it barely gets used.

Call American Metro to learn more about the AIMsi software. American Metro is ready to handle your software, Hardware, and integrated credit card solutions. Cost-effective and with a strong sense of customer service.

Call us at 651-645-2005 or use the button below, to receive your free quote. for more information, you can also download the AIMsi product brochure.

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Hobby Stores Find a Cost-effective Point of Sale System

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Fri, Jun 21, 2013 @ 12:03 PM

glider in a field

New and established Hobby, Trading Card, and Memorabilia Stores looking for a PC-based point of sale system no longer have to deal with utilizing three different pieces of software to run their business.  Why have one software application to run your point of sale, one for your inventory control, and yet one more to handle your accounting and/or payroll?  American Metro offers the AIMsi Retail Management Software program.

AIMsi (Accounting, Inventory, Management system integration) is a fully developed and integrated point of sale software application capable of handling all aspects of your retail business.  Many Hobby Stores deal with large inventories, small parts, and specialized custom orders.  Not to mention dealing with tracking employee hours, being able to print out complete reports, transfer information into a general ledger for proper accounting, placing stock re-orders through the Purchase Order module, and even tracking something simple like a Paid out of Drawer for office supplies.  These types of processes and procedures are exactly what the AIMsi software is built to accomplish with your business.

AIMsi is available in two different versions to better meet your immediate needs.  Are you just starting out and only need to track your inventory, maintain a customer database, and have access to the full point of sale capabilities of AIMsi in a single workstation environment?  Then AIMsi Lite is all you need.  Are you ready to dive in and utilize the full spectrum of modules available with AIMsi and send out e-mails, manage your customer contact information, create and receive purchase orders, and utilize the built-in General Ledger program to manage your financials in a multi-workstation or location environment?  Then AIMsi Pro is for you.

Visit: to learn more about what AIMsi Retail Management Software can do for your Hobby Store business.

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AIMsi Targets the Point of Sale Needs of Gun Shops and Archery Ranges

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Tue, Jun 04, 2013 @ 10:30 AM

gunshop screenshot

American Metro releases AIMsi software for Gun or Archery Stores and Shooting Ranges 

Is your business a Gun or Archery Store?  Are you a shooting range that offers the sales, trade-in, or consignment sale of firearms?  More than most other types of business ownership you are aware of the standards and regulations required to keep the doors open.  The Bureau for Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (or ATF) is the Federal Agency assigned to monitor and enforce how sales and purchases of firearms are handled and tracked.  And not having required information at your fingertips can make dealing with the ATF a danger to keeping your doors open.

If your business is still using a paper ATF Bound Book and an older style version of a cash register or even older PC-based point of sale systems, then you are spending too much time bogged down in excessive paperwork, inefficient ringing procedures, and extra work for your accounting staff.

AIMsi Gun Shop screenshotYou need a point of sale software program that will track serialized products from the time it enters your store to the time it is sold and leaves.  Your business needs an electronic Bound Book that meets the high standards of ATF requirements and is easy to pull up at any time.  Or a Service and Repair module that allows you to order parts, perform repairs or provide services, and then texts or e-mails your customer when the work is completed.  Add in full point of sale activity, an extensive customer and membership database, complete inventory control, easy steps to place purchase orders or special orders, the ability to import catalogs from many of the major manufacturers to make vendor stock re-orders a breeze,  plus a massive reports catalog, and you’ve got the fully developed point of sale software program called AIMsi (Accounting, Inventory, Management system integration).

Visit: to learn more about what AIMsi Retail Management Software can do for your business.



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The Hidden Costs of Free Golf Course Software

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Wed, Mar 14, 2012 @ 12:41 PM

hidden feesWhen golf courses begin comparing options to upgrade their point of sale system with new course management software, how heavily does price factor into the equation? While software is just one part of the total cost, spending $1,500 per year to license some high end software packages may not seem like the best deal. Even the one time purchase price of $1,575 for AIMsi Golf Course Management Software from American Metro can seem high compared to some companies that offer FREE* software.

What exactly does FREE* mean in terms of golf software? Maybe you’ve run into one of those tricky asterisks before and discovered the catch buried in fine print somewhere. The primary example shows software companies are happy to install their software and waive the licensing fee in exchange for selling a couple tee times each day. This may sound like a decent trade off, but what does this free deal actually cost?

With the average green fee for an 18-hole round of golf at $55 ($45 for municipal courses), it doesn’t take long before that cost adds up. If two tee-times are held and sold by the software company, you’re looking at 2 foursomes at $55 dollars each for a total of $440 per day. The “free” company also tends to get the first pick of time slots. Even if you don’t normally fill every tee time every day, wouldn’t you rather be able to accommodate your customers’ needs at peak times? 

For a municipal golf course, the difference between using the “free” software and going with AIMsi from American Metro is covered in just 9 days. That means even if the only days a golf course would otherwise fill all time slots are Saturday and Sunday, “free” becomes more expensive after one month.

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