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A New Partner in Mobile Point of Sale Solutions

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Fri, Oct 24, 2014 @ 02:30 PM

It's amazing how fast technology changes the landscape of certain industries. The point of sale world is no different. Smart phones and tablets have been transforming into their own method of commerce. In order to continue to provide our customers with the latest advancements in point of sale solutions, American Metro has partnered with Global Storm POS, an App development company with a background in and passion for point of sale. 


Global Storm has three branches in mobile pos tree, each focusing on a particular sales structure; Grocery, Retail and Restaurant. All three are feature rich, easy to use and look great. The Grocery side runs on a Windows tablet and focuses on robust inventory tracking, extra peripheral support for flatbed scanners, integrated scales and the Merchant Warehouse Genius™ keypad. The Retail/Quick Serve application is iPad based and designed for speed with quick access menus and barcode scanning. The Restaurant app also runs on the Apple platform and combines server tracking, table service, remote printing and custom branding options.

The really exciting thing for us is the customization. With the number of years we have spent in the cash register business, there certain features that consistently remain very useful and things we have wished were available. Other pre-packaged software we have looked at and used have been missing some of those key ingredients. With Global Storm, we are able to put our expertise to good use and become part of the development process. As a result, it strengthens their product and keeps their customers happy. It also means that we get access to a custom software build with features that fits our specialized business model of renting equipment.

The other impressive aspect is the back office suite. Adding or changing items is a snap. The fact that the whole database is stored on the cloud, means updates to each terminal are instantaneous. The same goes with reporting. Through the either a cellular or WiFi connection, sales are recorded and can be accessed in real time from anywhere. 

For more information on the Global Storm suite of apps, or to request a quote, click on the links below.

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Accepting Credit Cards: Handheld vs. Integrated

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Mon, Oct 28, 2013 @ 10:48 AM

If you are thinking about accepting credit cards at your next event, consider these points on the differences between using a handheld terminal and integrated credit card options. Hopefully these will be able to assist you in making the right decision and improve the success of your event.

battery icon1)  No-Power (battery) vs. Power:

Handheld credit terminals are great if power sources are limited or unavailable. They have rechargeable batteries that can last up to 6-8 hours. The integrated system MUST have a power source to operate.

cash register icon2)  Register vs. No Register:

Integrated credit card processing takes place directly with the register. If you need or would like a register to assist with handling cash transactions as well, this option is both faster and more accurate. The Handheld is small and portable, so it takes up less room. With this option, you will need to establish a different system to handle your cash.

mobility icon3)  Mobility vs. Fixed Location:

Handheld credit card terminals offer lots of mobility. They can be very useful to trim down long lines by walking though the lines and checking out the individuals who are paying with credit or debit. It also works well for conventions or craft fairs when there are multiple transaction locations happening.

connectivity icon4)  Connectivity Concerns:

If there are potential connectivity issues at your venue, a backup plan is always a great idea. With some handheld credit card terminals, they have a “store and forward” mode. This allows you to accept payments offline that can be processed later. With an integrated system, if connectivity is lost, you are unable to accept electronic payments. Please note however, there are certain risks while in the store and forward mode. You are not getting a true authorization from the processor, so there is a risk some cards might be declined.

reporting icon5) Inventory Reporting:

The integrated credit card option has a higher detailed report of all transactions. If your event needs inventory reporting by instant data readings, then this would be your best option. The handheld credit card terminals only track the credit/debit transactions, not the actual items being sold.

Whether a hand-held terminal is right for you or using a point of sale system with integrated credit card processing is what you are after, American Metro is here to help. For additional information on credit card processing and pricing options, please follow the link below for a free, no obligation quote.

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New Point of Sale Opportunities on the iPad

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Wed, Jul 24, 2013 @ 09:43 AM

Here's a quick look at a couple of key features to consider when thinking about using your tablet as a point of sale terminal.

iPad infographic

To find out if renting an iPad is right for your company's point of sale needs, request a quote today.

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Hobby Stores Find a Cost-effective Point of Sale System

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Fri, Jun 21, 2013 @ 12:03 PM

glider in a field

New and established Hobby, Trading Card, and Memorabilia Stores looking for a PC-based point of sale system no longer have to deal with utilizing three different pieces of software to run their business.  Why have one software application to run your point of sale, one for your inventory control, and yet one more to handle your accounting and/or payroll?  American Metro offers the AIMsi Retail Management Software program.

AIMsi (Accounting, Inventory, Management system integration) is a fully developed and integrated point of sale software application capable of handling all aspects of your retail business.  Many Hobby Stores deal with large inventories, small parts, and specialized custom orders.  Not to mention dealing with tracking employee hours, being able to print out complete reports, transfer information into a general ledger for proper accounting, placing stock re-orders through the Purchase Order module, and even tracking something simple like a Paid out of Drawer for office supplies.  These types of processes and procedures are exactly what the AIMsi software is built to accomplish with your business.

AIMsi is available in two different versions to better meet your immediate needs.  Are you just starting out and only need to track your inventory, maintain a customer database, and have access to the full point of sale capabilities of AIMsi in a single workstation environment?  Then AIMsi Lite is all you need.  Are you ready to dive in and utilize the full spectrum of modules available with AIMsi and send out e-mails, manage your customer contact information, create and receive purchase orders, and utilize the built-in General Ledger program to manage your financials in a multi-workstation or location environment?  Then AIMsi Pro is for you.

Visit: to learn more about what AIMsi Retail Management Software can do for your Hobby Store business.

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AIMsi Targets the Point of Sale Needs of Gun Shops and Archery Ranges

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Tue, Jun 04, 2013 @ 10:30 AM

gunshop screenshot

American Metro releases AIMsi software for Gun or Archery Stores and Shooting Ranges 

Is your business a Gun or Archery Store?  Are you a shooting range that offers the sales, trade-in, or consignment sale of firearms?  More than most other types of business ownership you are aware of the standards and regulations required to keep the doors open.  The Bureau for Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (or ATF) is the Federal Agency assigned to monitor and enforce how sales and purchases of firearms are handled and tracked.  And not having required information at your fingertips can make dealing with the ATF a danger to keeping your doors open.

If your business is still using a paper ATF Bound Book and an older style version of a cash register or even older PC-based point of sale systems, then you are spending too much time bogged down in excessive paperwork, inefficient ringing procedures, and extra work for your accounting staff.

AIMsi Gun Shop screenshotYou need a point of sale software program that will track serialized products from the time it enters your store to the time it is sold and leaves.  Your business needs an electronic Bound Book that meets the high standards of ATF requirements and is easy to pull up at any time.  Or a Service and Repair module that allows you to order parts, perform repairs or provide services, and then texts or e-mails your customer when the work is completed.  Add in full point of sale activity, an extensive customer and membership database, complete inventory control, easy steps to place purchase orders or special orders, the ability to import catalogs from many of the major manufacturers to make vendor stock re-orders a breeze,  plus a massive reports catalog, and you’ve got the fully developed point of sale software program called AIMsi (Accounting, Inventory, Management system integration).

Visit: to learn more about what AIMsi Retail Management Software can do for your business.



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Maximize Profitability at Your Festival with a Cash Register

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Fri, Feb 01, 2013 @ 04:01 PM

Cash registers at the Red Bull Air RaceHow do you ensure the revenue generating areas of your festival are running efficiently?  It may seem like a daunting task to manage the ticketing, merchandise and food vendors, but it can be easier than you might think. Here are a few tips designed to enhance the experience of the customer, vendor and event promoter by using the right point of sale system; a win/win/win situation.

1. Increase transaction speed

speed icon

The ability to serve more customers in less time has the most direct impact on bringing in more revenue. Even the basic functions of a cash register make taking orders much faster than operating out of a cash box or apron.

   a. Orders are taken faster with preprogrammed item buttons or scanning. 
   b. Calculating and recording totals is instant

2. Improve accuracy

icon accuracy

In addition to being faster, many benefits of a cash register are designed to increase accuracy. The less often people do math in their heads, the less likely errors will occur. This is particularly helpful when coming up with sale totals as well as giving change.

3. Prevent theft 

theft icon

The value of having a secure cash drawer can drastically reduce cash being pocketed. Coupled with a system that records not only every transaction, but also every time the drawer is opened, greatly increases accountability.


4. Incentivize purchases 

receipt icon

Offering an incentive to customers has its benefits. Implementing an offer like “Get your meal for free if we don’t offer you a receipt” serves multiple purposes. The lure of free stuff brings in more customers, the vendors will welcome increased traffic, and the festival organizer keeps vendors accountable knowing they now must record every transaction. 

5. Identify hot sellers

hot sellers icon

Running out of product can lead to slow lines, or worse, lost customers. Analyze peak selling times and identify the best-selling products through detailed reporting options. This level of preparation will help meet the demands of the customer.


6. Simplify vendor settlements 

wireless icon

In environments where festival organizers settle with vendors on a commission-based system, the final accounting process can be very time consuming. Wireless data streaming allows the festival organizer to monitor each vendors’ sales. No more pouring over a mountain of paperwork or buckets of soggy tickets.

7. Diversify payment options 

credit card icon

Making payment options as simple and accessible as possible for the customer impacts the bottom line. Giving the customer the ability to pay with a credit card only provides more opportunity for sales. Studies have shown that the average customer will spend up to 55% more when they pay with a credit card.

8. Minimize downtime

service icon

Professional expertise can make a huge impact should problems arise. A proactive approach by getting training and a general knowledge base can help. Having the added support of a professional available by phone 24/7, or a dedicated on-site support technician to handle any issues provides peace of mind.

9. Streamline ticket counting 

ticket icon

The benefits of tracking tickets exchanged in a transaction are just as important as cash. Fortunately, a cash register can provide an accurate count of tickets used as currency. Make the uncertainty of counting or weighing tickets more concrete with corroborating sales data. 

10. Avoid high purchase costs 

rental icon

Why worry about the large investment required to the purchase the point of sale equipment required operate an entire festival?  Why waste the hours it takes to program the registers? Rent cash registers from American Metro and get a quality product that is pre-programmed and ready to use. You will have access to the nation’s largest cash register rental company. 

To download this list or get more information about renting a point of sale solution that fits your festival or event, click the button below or contact American Metro directly.

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The Hidden Costs of Free Golf Course Software

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Wed, Mar 14, 2012 @ 12:41 PM

hidden feesWhen golf courses begin comparing options to upgrade their point of sale system with new course management software, how heavily does price factor into the equation? While software is just one part of the total cost, spending $1,500 per year to license some high end software packages may not seem like the best deal. Even the one time purchase price of $1,575 for AIMsi Golf Course Management Software from American Metro can seem high compared to some companies that offer FREE* software.

What exactly does FREE* mean in terms of golf software? Maybe you’ve run into one of those tricky asterisks before and discovered the catch buried in fine print somewhere. The primary example shows software companies are happy to install their software and waive the licensing fee in exchange for selling a couple tee times each day. This may sound like a decent trade off, but what does this free deal actually cost?

With the average green fee for an 18-hole round of golf at $55 ($45 for municipal courses), it doesn’t take long before that cost adds up. If two tee-times are held and sold by the software company, you’re looking at 2 foursomes at $55 dollars each for a total of $440 per day. The “free” company also tends to get the first pick of time slots. Even if you don’t normally fill every tee time every day, wouldn’t you rather be able to accommodate your customers’ needs at peak times? 

For a municipal golf course, the difference between using the “free” software and going with AIMsi from American Metro is covered in just 9 days. That means even if the only days a golf course would otherwise fill all time slots are Saturday and Sunday, “free” becomes more expensive after one month.

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Point of Sale Cash Registers for Fireworks Stands

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Tue, Jan 31, 2012 @ 01:08 PM

POS Solutions for Fireworks Stands

Nothing says “celebration” quite like the explosive sound of fireworks. There is a growing number of temporary fireworks stands that pop up for Independence Day. To help stand owners and operators share in the festive vibe, American Metro has been looking for ways to meet the point of sale needs specific to the fireworks industry. They often set up multiple locations throughout an entire state in roadside pavilions. This brings about some unique demands from this industry. Here are some of the needs that have arisen from within the fireworks distribution community.

How can I efficiently gather sales data from my multiple stands?

Keeping accurate totals on inventory gets to be a challenge when overseeing multiple locations. Gathering sales reports can also be tricky without the right tools. Now getting this information can be done with the push of a button through a few different methods. 

  • ER-285 with SD card slotSD/USB Backup – Reports can be saved from the register onto an SD card or USB stick. From there, they can be transferred to a computer and emailed to the central headquarters.
  • PC Poll Software – Reporting software is available that provides remote access to reporting functions. It also provides a means to make item and price changes. This is done with either an Ethernet or wireless connection.
  • Sterling Bridge™ Technology – Reports can be sent from the register to a secure on-line portal through a wireless modem. 

Will I be able to accept credit cards in remote locations?

Not since the days of the old knuckle busters have credit card payments been so mobile. But finding a solution that is mobile, affordable and reliable is real challenge. 

  • SixNet Wireless ModemSixNet Wireless Modem – Dubbed the “Magic Box” this military grade wireless modem is as reliable as they come. It transmits through the Verizon network, so you can have the peace of mind that comes with one of the nations leading wireless providers.
  • POS Integration – Credit cards are processed using the credit card swiper on the register for complete integration. This saves time at the end of the night when only one report needs to be run.
  • Stand Beside Terminals – The Exadigm XD2000 is a great alternative to a full point of sale system. In the event that no cash register is needed, this easy to operate credit card device can provide processing solutions.

Will the equipment withstand the varying climates of open air stands?

Finding equipment that will endure everything from dusty summer days in Arizona to the frigid Minnesota winters is a major point of interest.  

  • Solid Case –WheIMG 0473 resized 600n internal components aren’t protected, wear and tear is inevitable. That’s why we recommend registers with solid casing to keep dirt and dust out of printers and circuit boards. 
  • Flat Keyboard – A flat keyboard will ensure that moisture and grime stay away from moving parts of buttons.
  • Steel Bases – Plastic cash drawers are more easily damaged than their steel counter parts. 

For more insights based on our experience in the fireworks industry, or for information on how American Metro can help with your upcoming fireworks point of sale needs, click on the button below. We make selling stuff easy!

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Our PASSION for Point of Sale Solutions

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Tue, Jan 10, 2012 @ 03:25 PM

passion2012 webgraphic

What do you call 4 days in Atlanta filled with 42,000+ college age people socializing, singing, and learning about ways to make a real impact in the world? We have come to call it the 2012 Passion Conference hosted by 268 Generation. From January 2-5, students from all over the world joined together to listen to messages from speakers such as Louie Giglio, John Piper and Francis Chan. They also sang along with Chris Tomlin, Christy Nockels and David Crowder*Band as they lead worship. The most amazing part was the support of the Do Something Now campaign to combat human trafficing and give hope to the 27 million people caught in modern day slavery. Over $3 million was raised to put directly toward stopping slave and sex trading and for providing recovery programs for people who have been freed from slavery.

Helmet Store at PassionAmerican Metro is proud to have been a part of the Passion Conference again this year. 2012 marks our third year working with 268 Generation by providing the point of sale equipment and on site service personnel to the conference. This year was a much larger endeavor as the venue spread from the Georgia World Congress Center pouring into the Georgia Dome next door. In the past, all merchandise sales were centered around one location. This year, sales occured accross nine different locations. And the number of point of sale terminals nearly doubled to a total of 78 machines. Using a mix of Sam4s SPS-520s all-in-one registers and SPS-2000s touchscreen terminals, the American Metro Event Team came through in a time sensitive setup window. 

Throughout the event, the on site team kept busy from store opening at 9:30 am through close at 1:00 am. During this time, you could find them:

  • providing manager and cashier training
  • making price changes as items went on sale
  • coordinting credit card processing solutions during a venue-wide internet outage
  • fixing a few minor issues like jammed cash drawers and finicky scanners
  • collecting and consolidating reports at the end of the night
  • and even running registers during peak sales hours
Main Store at Passion

While behind a register at the main store during one such peak time, I overheard on 4 seperate occasions that the patrons who had been waiting in a line that wrapped out the store and down the convention center hallway, only spent a total of 15-20 minutes in line. I found out that about 5000 transactions were made on 25 registers during that stretch of 2 hours. That means that each cashier spent an average of 36 sec. per transaction. It can make a monumental impact on your customers' happiness and on your sales numbers having point of sale equipment that is easy to use, fast and accurate. 

When the cause is good, we are that much more excited to allow our customers to focus on what they do best and not worry about their point of sale setup. American Metro, we make selling stuff easy.

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Point of Sale Event Team Year End Wrap Up

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Thu, Dec 29, 2011 @ 01:48 PM

During the past year, the American Metro Event Management Team had a great success partnering with Event Promoters of all kinds, all across the country. We worked events from New York to Los Angeles, British Columbia on down to Texas with several stops in between. It has been our absolute pleasure working with the various concert series, different sporting events, conventions of all types, and all the unique special events throughout the year. Here is a tour of some of the events we were fortunate enough to partner with by supplying on site support.

Point of Sale Equipment for Sporting Events18th Hole and Clubhouse at the 2011 US Open

In the sporting world, we focus on solutions that fit the fast paced concession style setup. Using a mix of equipment to fit the specific needs, we find the majority of venues using the Sam4s ER-285 due to it’s simple keyboard, straight forward interface and breadth of reporting options. Right in our backyard, we are very proud to be working with the University of Minnesota football program at TCF Bank Stadium. Providing ongoing support for the over 100 registers found throughout the stadium at their concession stands. Go Gophers!

Golf is one of our favorite sports here at American Metro and we made a few stops with the Tour this year. We started out the golf season at the Wells Fargo Championship in Charlotte, NC. We then went straight down toPonte Vedra Beach, FL for the Players Championship. In June, it was off to Bethesda, MD for the US Open Championship, and in August we went back down south to Atlanta for the PGA Championship.

Tennis has also become a popular sport for us as we ventured to the Sony Ericson Tennis Championship in Miami, FL followed by the Legg Mason Tennis Classic in Washington DC had us in to help out with their point of sale needs.  We have also been privileged to work with the Veuve Polo Classic New York, NY and the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, NV.

Cash Registers for Music Festivals U2 at the TCF Bank Stadium

This year saw an expansion amongst the music festival genre as American Metro finally went international. Starting the season off, we made our 4th appearance at the annual Life Light festival in Sioux Falls SD. Our next stop brought us to Salmo, British Columbia, Canada for the Shambhala Music Festival; a blending of techno music with the spirit of Woodstock. We provided Point of Sale support as U2 made their way through Minneapolis and we were in Central Park in New York for Black Eyed Peas concert.

Game area at Blizzcon 2011Point of Sale Solutions for Conventions

Convention sales have proven to be a more in depth setup than the standard concession only setup used at most sporting events. Delving into touch screen options with the SPS-520 and SPS-2000 and PC based systems running AIMsi provides inventory options, remote networking and advanced reporting functions.

The Zumba Fitness convention in Orlando, Florida brought in fitness trainers from around the world to get the latest workout techniques. Blizzcon, the massive gaming convention hosted by Blizzard Entertainment occurred in Anaheim, CA in October. And the Passion Conference had two venues this year. One was held in Atlanta over the New Year and another one in Ft. Worth, Texas in May.

Point of Sale Support at Special Events

With so many different markets, each with their own needs, the sky’s the limit when it comes to special events. This was particularly relevant with the Airventures Oshkosh Air Show in Wisconsin as well as the Red Bull Air Race nearLiberty Island. Actually, New York was kind of a hot spot for us this year with another event in the area; the Big Apple BBQ. We provided registers and credit card processing to Barrett Jackson, the high end automobile auction. The 10 days leading up to Labor Day were spent supporting the Minnesota State Fair. Finally, the Vera Bradley Warehouse Sale in Ft. Wayne, Indiana drew huge crowds. As a special request to help make check out as easy as possible, we set up an online registration component with a means to track individual customer sales.

Well, that’s the quick look back at all the locations the American Metro Event Team has visited this year. We’re looking forward to 2012 and continuing to build the relationships with all these great events along with some new ones.

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