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Cash Register Training: Equipping Cashiers for Success

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Thu, Nov 20, 2014 @ 08:30 AM


Is your staff going to be ready to handle the rush of customers when the doors open? When it comes to making sure customer interactions run as efficiently as possible, the majority of the work falls to the cashier. When working events, the cashiering staff may include dozens or even hundreds of people over the course of a multi-day event. It makes sense to give them every advantage available in order to prepare for the sales situation they are facing. This is where training plays a key role. There are several pieces that can affect how well trained your staff will be when the doors open.

1. Programming - The first line of defense against frustration at checkout is to make sure the register is programmed logically and efficiently. Translating the sales elements needed for each transaction to setting them up on the system can be a tricky procedure. It helps to have someone with plenty of experience on how to best utilize things like employee sign-in, discounts, vouchers, size modifiers, etc. 

2. Keyboard Layout - One of the things that takes the longest to learn is where each item is located on the keyboard or screen. The more items you are selling, the bigger the keyboard gets and the more time it takes to learn. On more complex touchscreen applications, you may be looking through multiple tabs to find the correct item. After your point of sale system is programed, you can provide your cashiers with the keyboard layout or screen shots. If they can have a couple days to familiarize themselves with what they will be looking at, they will be much more prepared for actual sales.

youtube3. Video Training - It seems just about everyone has a smart phone or tablet these days. With YouTube just a button away, another pre-emptive measure you can take, is to share our online training videos. Since the basic functionality of the Sam4s line of cash registers stays consistent across most models, these training videos will cover about 95% of what the cashier needs to know to run a register.  

4. Cheat Sheets - Much like a security blanket, a cheat sheet with written instructions covering everything you may have forgotten help you feel safe. These short instruction guides are provided with each event rental. They will often get emailed ahead of time and are included with each register.

5. Phone Training - After your equipment arrives, and you've had a chance to press a few buttons and perform a few test transactions, you may still have some questions. Calling the support line will get you the help you need, anytime of day. 


6. On-site Support - Nothing beats the personal touch. When the cashiers are finally able to stand in front of the equipment and try it out, they move from knowledgeable to comfortable. An on-site technician will cover everything from the basics of processing transactions, to specialty programming and is available to answer any questions along the way. Whether you want this service just for setup and the first day of sales or throughout the whole event, the service tech will be there to keep you up and running.

At American Metro, our training and event services can to increase your event's profitability. Being prepared is a great way to start. If you have questions on how much time and preparation is needed to get the staff prepared on your cash registers or POS systems, we would be happy to assist you.

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Free Customizable Templates to Make Your Life Organized

Posted by Courtney Swanson on Wed, Jun 12, 2013 @ 08:37 AM

time managementThere is nothing we want more than to be able to kick off our shoes by the lake or hit up the golf course. However, with summer in full swing, things can get out of control. Something we find to be a simple solution to organizing a hectic work-load is Vertext42. They offer free templates that are customizable to your needs and are easy to share. We value our time and understand that you do too. The excel templates come updated with customizable features, so they work with everyone. One of our office favorites is the “Yearly Events Calendar” which already includes all national holidays and it lets you organize with different notification colors to really make things stand out. Being in the event services industry this template has literally been a lifesaver for multiple people in our office. We found this source to be incredibly helpful and wanted to pass it on.


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American Metro Commercial #1

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Fri, Mar 29, 2013 @ 04:45 PM

At American Metro, we make selling stuff easy. A lot of people don't realize how complicated it can be to make an event run smoothly without professional involvement. To help explain how much the point of sale process can be simplified, we created a series of commercials demonstrating how activities people might be more familiar with would be different if American Metro was involved.

The first commercial covers what it would be like if we made boxing easy. We will be releasing the other commercials over the next two weeks. Check them out and let us know which one is your favorite. 

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