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mBox - Wireless Credit Card Processing

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Thu, Oct 17, 2013 @ 11:53 AM

We at American Metro strive to help our customers find the ideal solutions to their cash register, credit card processing and point of sale needs. With over 30 years in business, we have collected a vast knowledge of the workings of the retail world and we look forward to sharing that with you. We hope you will find this blog useful as we post helpful hints on how to get the most out of your cash register, fill you in on the lastest point of sale technology, or share our experiences from some of our on-site locations.

mBox Wireless Credit Card ModemFor instance, let's take a quick look at our newest wireless credit card modem made by Sterling Payment Technologies, simply named the "mBox". Made from military grade components and running on the Verizon network, this modem boasts consistanly fast tranaction speeds. In fact, while at a recent tradeshow held inside a convention center, credit card payments were being processed and completed within 2-3 seconds after being swiped.

This opens up viable wireless solutions even in structures with large amounts of concrete or places where the average cell phone coverage is sketchy at best. In many convention centers or large outdoor venues, getting hard lines or internet drops average $10,000 per access point. 

Online Reporting

The mBox is also equipped another major cost saving option, Online Reporting through Sterling Bridge. Think of all the man-hours it takes to collect reports, balance drawers, enter sales data into an accounting program and calculate final sales totals. With the mBox, running a report on the cash register will also upload all the data to an online web portal for instant access. This makes figuring totals from each register across multiple locations take a fraction of the time. Get a financial summary, or complete breakdown, PLU reports, time reports and more. With all this data available at your fingertips, it can easily be converted into multiple formats for import into your accounting software. 

There is also a real-time component that allows you to see sales as they happen. This information can help you stay ahead of potential changes in staffing needs or inventory levels. The best part is all this information without having to leave your desk.

For more information on whether the mBox is right for your next event, click the button below for a customized assessment of your point of sale need. You'll also get a free quote. 

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American Metro Commercial #3

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Fri, Apr 12, 2013 @ 03:45 PM

Happy Friday! We have reached the final week for posting our new commercials. This last installment features a situation most of us are familiar with because of all the prime-time police dramas out there. Today, we are taking a look at stake-outs, so it's time to ask, what would it look like if American Metro made surveillance easy?

Well, that's the last one. We'd love to hear what you thought and which was your favorite. For a more practical approach of how American Metro can simplify the point of sale challenges at your upcoming event, click the request a quote button below.

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American Metro Commercial #2

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Fri, Apr 05, 2013 @ 03:45 PM

Happy Friday. As promised, we have the second in our series of our commercials covering how we take the complex world of event management and point of sale logistics and make it easy. With all the attention being given to the national budget, we thought that would be the perfect situation to which we could draw a parallel. So here it is; what would it look like if American Metro made balancing the budget easy?

We will have one more commercial for you next week, so come back again and cast your vote for which commercial was your favorite.

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Point of Sale for Sporting Events

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Tue, Dec 18, 2012 @ 01:47 PM

American Metro is no stranger to supplying point of sale equipment to sporting events. In fact, it was because of the 1991 U.S. Open at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, MN that the Metro Rental Division came into being. Since that time, American Metro has provided cash registers, credit card equipment and point of sale systems to hundreds of sporting events to handle their ticketing, concession and merchandise needs

Merchandise Sales National Finals RodeoThe key component to making vending for sports successful is speed.  No one wants to be stuck in line when there’s a risk of missing a game changing play, so the best way to keep your customers happy is by helping them get back to the action. There are 3 things that can make all the difference when it comes to pleasing the masses.

  • Preparation
  • Confidence
  • Reliability

1 – Preparation: Making sure you have the right equipment at the right quantities to keep lines moving is a necessity. Analyze your point of sale needs and be sure to factor in things like expected attendance, high traffic bursts, physical store/stand layout, etc. to make sure you run at peak efficiency. Another aspect of being prepared includes ensuring each unit is programmed and ready for sales upon arrival.

2 – Confidence: The biggest factor in maintaining a smoothly flowing checkout experience is centered on the cashier. The cashier needs to be familiar enough with the system to quickly process orders as they come in. This is achieved with a combination of having user-friendly equipment, thorough training, back-up reference guides and professional support. With a comprehensive system like that in place, your cashiers will feel like experts.

3 – Reliability:  Once the systems are in place and the staff is ready to go, the final hurdle to overcome is downtime. To keep downtime to a minimum, have professional technicians perform regular maintenance on each piece of equipment. Thermal, drop and load printers reduce paper jams and paper refilling time. Wireless credit card processing is performed over the Verizon network for maximum coverage and the m-Box technology transmits data in as little as 2 seconds.  Together, this makes for a consistently reliable experience.

If you would like help in any of these areas for your next event, the staff at American Metro is ready to assist you.

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Point of Sale Systems for Fireworks Stands

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Fri, May 11, 2012 @ 03:40 PM

fireworksAs spring begins to give way to summer and the beautiful warm whether draws people outdoors, one thing is on everybody's mind: time to rent a cash register. Okay, so maybe that's not on everybody's mind, but it certainly is here at American Metro. We are preparing to send point of sale equipment across the country for major sporting events, food festivals, outdoor music concerts and conventions throughout the summer. But our busiest time of year has proven to be the three weeks leading up to the 4th of July.

Fireworks season is almost upon us and we have been working diligently to create point of sale solutions that address the specific needs of the fireworks industry. This year, the options are better than ever:

  • EasyDownload button to Use Cash Registers
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Wireless Integrated Credit Card Processing
  • Remote Reporting Capabilities
  • Inventory Management Systemrequest a quote
  • Stand Alone Credit Card Terminals
  • Exceptional Customer Service

Get more information on how easy selling fireworks can be with the right tools. Request a free, no obligation rental quote today. The time to reserve point of sale equipment for your fireworks stand is here, so don't delay. American Metro is the largest cash register rental company inAmerica, but supplies are limited.

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Exadigm Credit Card Machine Rental vs. the Square - pt. 2

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Tue, Feb 28, 2012 @ 11:30 AM

Once you have evaluated the more subjective aspects like expected conditions of the sales environment, anticipated traffic levels, equipment reliablity and support options, it's time to it’s time to start crunching the numbers. 

What kind of rates and rental fees can I expect to pay?

This seems to be the question that most effects the bottom line. After the rates determined, it is important to make sure that there are no unexpected hidden costs. When dealing with percentages and transaction fees, the average transaction total also makes a difference.

Square:  Equipment: Free
  Percent per swipe:  2.75% (3.5%)* 
  Transaction fee: $0 ($0.15)
Exadigm XD2000:  Equipment:  $150/mo. with no long term contract
  Percent per swipe: 1.79% (2.5%) with no previous credit processing**
  Transaction fee: Transaction fee: $0.25 ($0.25)

*Bracketed () number signifies the Card Not Present or manual entry rate
** American Metro offers lower rates for users with prior credit processing history. American Metro will match your documented rate from previous processor. 

Scenario #1: Outdoor craft show with an average sale of $18.00 with light to moderate traffic
(1 transaction every 3-5 min.)

  Square Exadigm from American Metro
Sale Amount $18.00 $18.00
   Percentage Rate 2.75% x $18 = $0.50 1.79% x $18 = $0.32
   Transaction Fee 0 .25
   Total Transaction Fee - $0.50 - $0.57
Adjusted Sales Total $17.50 $17.43

With a difference of $.07 per transaction, the Square provides a cheaper option. With no per transaction fee, lower sales total environments with lower traffic volumes make a very good fit for this payment method.

Scenario #2: Indoor boutique with an average sale of $75.00 with moderate to heavy traffic
(1 transaction every 30-90 sec.)

  Square Exadigm from American Metro
Sale Amount $75.00 $75.00
   Percentage Rate 2.75% x $75 = $2.06  1.79% x $75 = $1.34
   Transaction Fee 0 .25
   Total Transaction Fee - $2.06 - $1.59
Adjusted Sales Total $72.94 $73.41

In this situation, a difference of $0.47 per transaction leans in favor of the Exadigm XD2000 from American Metro. Factor in the cost of renting the equipment, and during one 8-hour day of sales with an average of 90 sec/transaction, the credit card rental pays for itself. 


For a pure, per transaction comparison, the Square is a more economical choice for sales with an average amount of up to $25.00 where speed is not a primary concern. Beyond the $25.00 threshold, the rental Exadigm becomes the smarter financial choice particularly when dealing with a greater volume of customers. Credit card solutions like the Square offer freedom by providing free, easily accessible equipment with a straightforward pricing structure. With that freedom comes a certain amount of risk. The Exadigm credit card machine rental eliminates many of those risks by offering additional features and is backed by a readily available support staff. 

Get Info buttonFor more information on whether renting a credit card machine is a good financial decision for your business, contact American Metro for a no-hassle assessment of your specific situation.

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Exadigm Credit Card Machine Rental vs. the Square - pt. 1

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Mon, Feb 27, 2012 @ 12:33 PM

There are more options than ever when it comes to setting up your business to accept credit cards. How you determine the avenue to pursue is based on a number of variables. Each of these factors ultimately helps you answer the question “Is this a good financial decision?”  

Where will I be using the equipment?

Wireless credit card processing enables users to accept electronic payments in situations where a hard line may not be accessible or you need to remain mobile. Some common instances of this include doing business at trade shows, outdoor events, festivals, mall kiosks, auctions, etc. Depending on the environment where sales occur, finding a wireless signal isn’t always completely reliable. Sales performed while surrounded by concrete at convention centers or at remote festivals may need a back up method to process cards if a wireless network isn’t found.

Square Only functions when receiving signal
Exadigm XD2000 Offers “Store and Forward” mode to hold encrypted credit card data during periods of weak or busy signal and transmit the data once signal is restored.

How important is transaction speed?

Do you expect a constant line of people waiting to purchase your product? In cases where a high volume of customers in a short amount of time is important, find a solution that can process transactions quickly and in as few steps as possible. In more intimate settings, having an option that maximizes interactions may be more valuable.

Square Increases customer interaction and offers marketing potential by collecting email addresses to send receipt to customer.
Exadigm XD2000 Built in printer issues immediate receipts resulting in increased transaction speeds. Allows for 20-30% more sales processed with constant customer flow.

What is the reliability and durability?

As with any piece of equipment that undergoes a normal amount of wear and tear such as a card reader, users want to have the piece of mind that their equipment is going to last for the duration of the event. The multitasking features of a smart phone should be considered if other business needs to be conducted at the time of sales  

Square Measuring roughly the size of a quarter and a mere 0.25” thick fits snuggly into the audio jack of Apple or Android smart phones, but feels somewhat fragile. Works well for low volume use, but has reports of multiple swipes being needed on occasion.
Exadigm XD2000 Hand held unit designed for heavy and repeated use measures 3.75 x 3.75 x 10.375”. Dedicated credit card processing enables full cell phone usage during sales hours and more easily facilitates multiple cashiers. 

What kind of support is available if I need it?

If a component of the credit card reader stops functioning as intended, or you need assistance with operations,  it helps to know the level of interaction you will receive. 

Square E-mail and web site based assistance is available.
Exadigm XD2000 American Metro provides assistance through initial training, documentation of basic operations, e-mail and web site support and access to live technical support 24 hrs a day.

Get pricing analysis in tomorrow's blog post

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