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Will Wireless Work At My Event?

Posted by Bryan Mueller on Mon, Dec 18, 2017 @ 04:50 PM

“I love the idea of using iPad equipment at my event, but what if the WIFI goes out?”

We hear this question almost every day. We get a similar question with cellular technology. What happens if there’s a WAN failure?  It’s exactly the question you should be asking. A savvy event professional knows you can’t take that chance. There is way too much at stake to leave connectivity to chance.

It’s always a best practice to test signal strength prior to your event. If you’re relying on cellular and the signal strength is weak to begin with, don’t expect it to miraculously get better when the gates open. Any time you rely on WIFI or cellular, you can expect the bandwidth to degrade when the massive crowds arrive. Even if you’ve got a strong signal, bandwidth is still a major factor.

2 years ago, at a very large airshow, we experienced this firsthand. Everything was going along great until the Blue Angels made their initial pass. All of a sudden 150,000 people had their cell phones out, sending a video to Uncle Lester back in Flatbush Springs. The bandwidth went from a 4-lane freeway to a garden hose with a knot in it.

Whether it’s WIFI or cellular, we call it relying on Air. You are relying on connectivity that is subject to outside elements. The solution is, “Have a Failsafe Backup”. It saved the day when the Blue Angels came to town. Make sure your equipment can run in an offline mode. If you’re accepting credit cards, make sure you’ve got a backup plan for that as well.

This philosophy has saved us more than once; Plan for the unexpected!

For more ideas on how to avoid the pitfalls of relying on air, send us an email at: or call our information line.  (651) 645-2005 Ext. #7441

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